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Ironclad Authenticity

Authenticity is everything. It is also an elastic word that begs for a deeper definition. Throughout the 1970’s galleries began offering an in house “Certificate of Authenticity” for the artwork they sold.

It was usually on some type of watermarked parchment paper and looked important. The certificate was in the name of the company selling them signed by one of the company’s officers.

This practice continues today and in our opinion is a flagrant conflict…?. Any opinion of authenticity should be given by a recognized 3rd party.

This is the philosophy behind the Palette Fine Art Gallery guarantee. Our Iron Clad Authenticity services mean that your art is authenticated by a respected expert in the field. By definition, an expert is one that has devoted a good portion of their life to the study of the artists’ work, has examined thousands of the artist’s works and has achieved a certain status among their peers. For any given artist there are only a handful of such individuals.

Secondly, The Palette Fine Arts Gallery services must be from a 3rd part. If you were buying a home would you allow the seller to do the inspection? A collector should be equally discriminating when it comes to their art purchases.

The Palette Fine Art Gallery services provide a written document from an authoritative figure that guarantees legitimacy of the work in question. If the work is an original drawing, painting or sculpture, it means that the art was created by the hands of the artist.

If the work is a hand signed limited edition, the authentication guarantees that the artist authorized the production of limited editions, had some involvement in the creation of the limited editions and that the work is signed by the hand of the artist. Our authentication certification holds validity anywhere in the world.

Now, in the case of Salvador Dali there are a few select individuals whose expertise and opinion are recognized world wide as being truly guaranteed. It is imperative that any work of art by Salvador Dali comes with an authentication from one of these sources.

We offer our Iron Clad services free of charge when purchasing any work of art from us, the only dealers in the world who offer such an Iron Clad Authentication service.