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Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown (1918-2009) Australian artist and art collector. Dr Joseph Brown (AO OBE), was born in Poland in 1918 and migrated to Australia in 1933 at the age of fifteen, settling in Melbourne. He trained initially as an artist but after returning from war service in 1945 became increasingly involved in the fashion industry. Later he became a leading art dealer and consultant, promoting a wide range of Australian artists, both historical and contemporary. He reclaimed the work of forgotten artists, introduced and mentored many new artists, and was a great advocate for portraiture as an art form. Simultaneously he built up an outstanding private collection of Australian art.
In May 2004, Dr Joseph Brown AO OBE donated the major part of his incomparable collection of Australian art to the National Gallery of Victoria the most generous single gift of works of art ever made to a public gallery in Australia. Displayed at the Ian Potter Centre for Australian art, The Joseph Brown Collection shows a wonderful display of a cross section of Australian art. Included are paintings from all major periods from colonial to Heidelberg, to Aboriginal and twentieth century art. The collection is a tribute to the great generosity of Dr Brown and his exquisite taste in Australian art through many different eras.
When Dr Brown offered his collection to the National Gallery of Victoria the Gallery selected more than 150 works, including paintings, sculptures and works on paper from colonial times to the present day. Dr Brown's extraordinary act of benefaction followed his gifts of over 450 works of art to Australian public galleries, including the National Gallery of Victoria, over the past forty years.
The Joseph Brown Collection at NGV Australia will forever tell the story of the immigrant who became an artist and soldier, a scholar and connoisseur, a successful businessman and an art dealer, a mentor to artists and an art patron; a man who made a huge and enduring difference to the culture of this country. [wikipedia]

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